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Many corporations, national charities, schools, and local philanthropies have realized the worth of the penny. Through the use of point-of-sale collections and competitive penny fundraisers, these groups have turned thousands of idle pennies into real dollars for everything from college scholarships to housing for the homeless. These fundraisers clearly demonstrate the true value of the penny. For example, Southland Corporation, which operates 7-Eleven convenience stores, recently provided some startling information about the penny's contribution to charity. At Dallas area 7-Elevens, over 82 percent of all coins collected were pennies. They estimated that almost 30 percent of the total money collected in donation receptacles was pennies. In other words, $1 million of the approximately $3 million raised annually from national 7-Eleven stores for charities are pennies. For other examples of fundraisers utilizing the penny click here.

Additionally, school children who participate in penny drives are often taught a valuable civic lesson. By collecting pennies, children learn they too can make a contribution to the community. Moreover, they begin to learn, at an early age, the importance of philanthropy, a lesson which hopefully stays with them the rest of their lives. For those who are interested, instructions on how to conduct your own penny fundraiser can be found by clicking here.

More than Two-Thirds of Americans Still Favor Keeping the Penny

Recent Poll Shows Increasing Penny Support and Concern About Price Increases If Penny Is Eliminated

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A poll released today by Americans for Common Cents (ACC) continues to show overwhelming and increasing support for the penny by the American public. 68% of those surveyed favor keeping the penny in circulation, representing a slight increase since the last poll in 2012.


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Pennies for Pasta and Pennies for Patients

These are run by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through its local chapters as part of its renamed Student Series program:

For more information, you should call your local Chapter which may be found by going to the Society's website at:

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