Americans for Common Cents (ACC) conducts research and provides information to Congress and the Executive Branch on the value and benefits of the penny.

Americans For Common Cents

Americans Support the Penny

An overwhelming number of Americans want to keep the penny.

National polling over the last 25 years by Gallup, AP, Coinstar and other organizations show that between two-thirds and three-quarters of Americans want to keep the penny. A poll conducted by Americans for Common Cents in 2014 found over two-thirds (68%) of those surveyed favor keeping the penny in circulation. The results were consistent with a 2012 poll that showed 66% of Americans favor keeping the penny. Americans understand that eliminating the penny would lead to a rounding process and cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in higher prices. The 2014 ACC poll results from Opinion Research Corporation showed that: Over two-thirds of adults (68%) favor keeping the penny in circulation; Nearly three-quarters of Americans (73%) were concerned that without the penny merchants might use price rounding to raise prices. 71% of those earning $35,000 or less per year want to keep the penny. These results confirm the strong and unwavering support the penny continues to receive from Americans.

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